North America's Premier Uranium Mining Company

Lowest-cost Producer of Uranium in North America

Ur-Energy is engaged in uranium mining, recovery and processing operations, as well as the exploration and development of uranium mineral properties.

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June 2, 2022

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Low-cost Projects Across Wyoming

Lost Creek

Lost Creek, our flagship project, has demonstrated operational excellence for more than seven years of uranium production, recovery and processing, using in situ recovery methods.

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Shirley Basin

What is now our Shirley Basin Project historically produced more than 28 million pounds of uranium, primarily from the 1960s through the 1990s. We expect to have all permits and authorizations to construct and operate the Shirley Basin in situ recovery site in H1 2021.

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Other U.S. Projects

Our other U.S. projects include the Lost Soldier project, located near Lost Creek and the Lucky Mc Mine Site, an historic mine in the Gas Hills Mine District in Wyoming. Our first gold exploration project, Excel Project, is located in Nevada.

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U.S. Uranium Production

At Ur-Energy, we’re not a conventional miner - we aim to maintain a light and reclaimable footprint. We accomplish this with in situ recovery methods, which removes the uranium while leaving the rock “in the place.”

In Situ Recovery

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