Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Liquidity Risk

Liquidity Risk
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2019
Liquidity Risk [Abstract]  
Liquidity Risk

2.   Liquidity Risk


Our operations are based on a small number of large sales.  As a result, our cash flow and therefore our current assets and working capital may vary widely during the year based on the timing of those sales.  Virtually all of our sales are under contracts which specify delivery quantities, sales prices and payment dates. The only exceptions are spot sales which we are currently only making when advantageous. As a result, we are able to perform cash management functions over the course of an entire year and are less reliant on current commodity prices and market conditions. We monitor our cash projections on a weekly basis and have used various techniques to manage our cash flows including the assignment of deliveries, negotiating changes in delivery dates, purchasing inventory at favorable prices and raising capital.


As at June 30, 2019, the Company’s financial liabilities consisted of trade accounts payable and accrued trade and payroll liabilities of $0.8 million which are due within normal trade terms of generally 30 to 60 days, a note payable of $12.4 million of which $5.3 million is due within one year, and asset retirement obligations with estimated completion dates until 2033.


In addition, most of our current assets except for prepaid expenses are immediately realizable, if necessary, while our current liabilities include a substantial portion that is not due for three months or more which, given the existence of our contracts and set prices, allows us to plan for those payments well in advance and address shortfalls, if any.