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Mineral Properties

Mineral Properties
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2022
Mineral Properties  
7. Mineral Properties

7.  Mineral Properties 


The Company’s mineral properties consist of the following:




 Lost Creek






 Other U.S.





 Mineral Properties


























December 31, 2021


































 Depletion and amortization



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March 31, 2022


















Lost Creek Property


The Company acquired certain Wyoming properties in 2005 when Ur-Energy USA Inc. purchased 100% of NFU Wyoming, LLC. Assets acquired in this transaction include the Lost Creek Project, other Wyoming properties and development databases. NFU Wyoming, LLC was acquired for aggregate consideration of $20 million plus interest. Since 2005, the Company has increased its holdings adjacent to the initial Lost Creek acquisition through staking additional claims and making additional property purchases and leases.


There is a royalty on each of the State of Wyoming sections under lease at the Lost Creek, LC West and EN Projects, as required by law. We are not recovering U3O8 within the State section under lease at Lost Creek and are therefore not subject to royalty payments currently. Other royalties exist on certain mining claims at the LC South, LC East and EN Projects. There are no royalties on the mining claims in the Lost Creek, LC North or LC West Projects.


Pathfinder Mines Corporation


The Company acquired additional Wyoming properties when Ur-Energy USA Inc. closed a Share Purchase Agreement (“SPA”) with an AREVA Mining affiliate in 2013. Under the terms of the SPA, the Company purchased Pathfinder Mines Corporation (“Pathfinder”). Assets acquired in this transaction include the Shirley Basin mine, portions of the Lucky Mc mine and development databases. Pathfinder was acquired for aggregate consideration of $6.7 million, the assumption of $5.7 million in estimated asset reclamation obligations, and other consideration. A non-core, unpermitted, non-operating property held by Pathfinder is presently considered to be an asset held for sale (see note 4).

Other U.S. properties


Other U.S. properties include the acquisition costs of several prospective mineralized properties, which the Company continues to maintain through claim payments, lease payments, insurance, and other holding costs in anticipation of future exploration efforts.