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Annual Financial Reports

Please note that you may request, free of charge, a printed copy of any of the publications listed below by contacting our Investor Relations Department by phone at 1.866.981.4588 or by email request by clicking here.  



2016 Annual Reports

2016 Annual Report Form 10-K

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Canadian ESTMA Report


2015 Annual Reports

2015 Annual Report Form 10-K

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2014 Annual Reports

2014 Annual Report Form 10-K

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2013 Annual Reports

2013 Annual Report Form 10-K

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2012 Annual Reports

2012 MD&A

2012 Annual Financial Statement

2012 Annual Report Form 40-F

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2012 Annual Information Form


2011 Annual Reports

2011 MD&A

2011 Annual Financial Statement

2011 Annual Report Form 40-F

XBRL Interactive Data

2011 Annual Information Form


2010 Annual Reports

2010 MD&A

2010 Annual Financial Statement

2010 Annual Report Form 40-F

2010 Annual Information Form

2009 Annual Reports

Amended 2009 MD&A

Amended 2009 Annual Financial Statement

Amended 2009 Annual Report Form 20-F

2009 MD&A

2009 Annual Financial Statement

2009 Annual Report Form 20-F


2008 Annual Reports

2008 Letter to Shareholders, MD&A and Audited Financials

2008 Management Information Circular

2008 Annual Report Form 20-F


2007 Annual Reports

2007 Annual Information Form